Hollywood Star Cars Museum in Gatlinburg

3 Amazing Car Museums in Pigeon Forge TN and the Smoky Mountains

The Smoky Mountains are home to some of the best car museums in the world! Whether you consider yourself an automobile enthusiast or a casual car fan, you can see some of the most famous and legendary vehicles just minutes from the Grand Smokies Resort Lodge! Here are 3 amazing car museums in Pigeon Forge TN and the Smoky Mountains that you should visit during your vacation:

1. Floyd Garrett Muscle Car Museum

Enjoy a fascinating collection of automobile treasures at the Floyd Garrett Muscle Car Museum! This incredible museum features 90 muscle cars that are worth more than $8 million, as well as a massive gift shop with collectibles, unique gift items, memorabilia and more! Floyd Garrett is a nationally known expert on muscle cars and is considered an authority on 1960’s and 1970’s high performance vehicles. While you are browsing the museum, feel free to chat with Floyd, and he can answer just about any question you have when it comes to muscle cars! The Floyd Garrett Muscle Car Museum is conveniently located just north of Pigeon Forge in nearby Sevierville.

2. Alcatraz East Crime Museum

Alcatraz East Crime MuseumWhile technically not a car museum, the Alcatraz East Crime Museum has some of the most infamous vehicles of all time! Therefore, you should be sure to put this attraction on your “must-do” list when looking for car museums in Pigeon Forge TN! One of the top exhibits is a tan 1968 Volkswagen Beetle that was owned by notorious serial killer Ted Bundy. On August 15, 1975, Bundy was pulled over by police in this Volkswagen and a variety of suspicious objects were found in the car. In addition, the passenger seat had been removed and placed in the back seat. The most famous vehicle at the Alcatraz East Crime Museum is undoubtedly the White Ford Bronco that carried a frantic and suicidal O.J. Simpson during the famous televised car chase!

3. Hollywood Star Cars Museum

Take a trip through some of the most famous movies and TV shows of the last 50 years at the Hollywood Star Cars Museum! This museum is located in Gatlinburg and features an awesome selection of Hollywood automobiles in recreated settings complete with sound, lights and action! Some of the cars you will see on display include the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard, the Mellow Yellow race car from Days of Thunder, the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future and the Batmobile from the original 1966 hit television show! The museum is constantly searching for new cars to improve the collection.so you never know what you might find on display! Be sure to stop by the Hollywood Star Cars Museum Studio and Gift Shop where you can purchase a souvenir photo of yourself in one of the famous cars or a die-cast Hollywood collectible!

Check out all of our Pigeon Forge condo rentals today to plan your vacation near these amazing car museums in Pigeon Forge TN and the Smoky Mountains! We hope to see you soon at the Grand Smokies Resort Lodge!