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5 Tips for the Start of the Summer Season at Dollywood’s Water Park

Summer’s just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about Dollywood’s water park, Splash Country. The kids will be begging to go, especially since it’ll be hot outside. We want you to be prepared for the start of the summer season, so check out these 5 tips for Dollywood’s water park:

1. Wear Rash Guard Shirts

little girl in pool wearing rash guardSunscreen is extremely important when you’re going to be outside all day, but we know how it is when you forget to reapply. By wearing a rash guard shirt, you’ll save yourself some headache when it comes to reapplying sunscreen! We still recommend reapplying sunscreen often to prevent sunburns but having more of your body covered will help prevent them too. Not only will your skin be covered from the sun, you’ll also prevent getting scratches from slides. Rash guards also help with going down water slides, so wearing them is a win-win!

2. Wear Sandals or Flip Flops

Walking across hot pavement is unpleasant, so save yourself burned feet by bringing sandals or flip flops. You’ll definitely be glad when you have your shoes on, especially in the middle of the day when the sun has warmed up the pavement. Most rides at Splash Country don’t permit shoes since they can come off, but you’ll find stations at the beginning of the ride that also doubles as the end. Or you can always have an adult who doesn?t want to ride hold onto everyone’s shoes!

3. Stop at the Measuring Station

boy riding water slideYou don’t want your kids to be disappointed they can’t ride something once you get to the top of a water ride. Save yourself time by stopping at Splash & Dash Sundries to have your children measured that way you know which rides you guys can get excited about riding and which ones to avoid to prevent disappointment. You’ll definitely be glad you got them measured when you first walk in!

4. Don’t Bring Floaties

You’re probably thinking “But I need floaties for my child who can’t swim well!” Dollywood’s water park has life vests you can borrow for free! They range in sizes from babies to adults, perfect for anyone who would feel more comfortable with a life jacket. Plus, when you leave the floaties at home, you don’t have to spend the time wrestling them onto your child, and you have more storage space for all your towels and sunscreen!

5. Grab a Locker

hat, towels, and sunscreenYou want to be able to easily access your wallet, keys, and other personal items, but what are you going to do with it while you go on rides? If you don’t have an adult who plans on skipping the fun, you’ll definitely want to rent a locker as soon as you get to the park. You can choose from a regular- or family-sized locker, depending on how much stuff you bring. You can put towels, sunscreen, shoes, wallets, phones, and anything else you brought in the park in the locker. You’ll just have to keep up with the key on a nylon loop, and it easily fits around the ankle or wrist.

These tips for the start of the summer season at Dollywood’s water park will help you have the best time with your family. It’ll make the day easier for all of you, and you won’t be distracted from all the fun you’ll have! Learn more about what all you can do in the Smoky Mountains when you stay with us!