old town photos in gatlinburg

Top 6 Places to take Old Time Photos in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge

Trying to find something fun to do as a family or group of friends? Take an old time photo together! You’ll enjoy dressing up in western style saloon clothing and taking pictures as a group. Here are the top 6 places to take old time photos in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge:

1. Miss Sadie’s Old Time Photos

western photo shootIf you want to take an old time photo in Gatlinburg, head over to Miss Sadie’s Old Time Photos. You all will have a blast changing into an outlaw, a saloon girl, or a cowboy. Then you’ll pose in front of the camera while the photographer tells you what to do. Once you’re done, you’ll get your pictures printed, and you can even have them printed like they are in an old timey newspaper!

2. Old Town Photos

At Old Town Photos in Gatlinburg, you get to choose which background you want to take a picture in front of. The staff helps you choose how you want to look, from the background to your outfits and props. Everyone in your group will have fun choosing their look, and they’ll also have fun posing in front of the camera!

3. Four Sisters Old Time Photos

20s flapperA popular place to take old time photos in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge is Four Sisters Old Time Photos. They specialize in couples, large groups, children, and even pets! Their authentic costumes make the experience even better, along with their professional staff who help you throughout the process. Dress up as a civil war general, a southern belle, Victorian lady or gentleman, or a twenties gangster.

4. Old Time Photo #5

For the ultimate memory of your vacation, you should head to Old Time Photo #5 in Pigeon Forge. They want to help you remember your great trip with an old time photo. Some of the backgrounds you can choose include a saloon, a Victorian parlor, a western porch with an outhouse, and a chase lounge. They have a huge selection of costumes, and some backgrounds can accommodate as many as 32 people.

5. Old Time Photos

old time photos in pigeon forgeOld Time Photos in Pigeon Forge is a great place for old time photos. They have a variety of backdrops for your picture. If you want to be a hillbilly in a mountain home, you can. Want to feel like old fashion royalty? They can make you look like that too. You’ll get a full costume along with props to make the picture look even more real. Have a blast figuring out how you want to look at Old Time Photos!

6. Wild Gals Old Time Photo

Another great place to take old time photos in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge is Wild Gals Old Time Photo. They help you create the vintage photo you want by starting with what era you want to be photographed like. Then you pick out your group’s outfits, and then you take pictures! Whether you’re away on a friends weekend or you want to do something fun with your family, taking pictures at Wild Gals Old Time Photo is a great way to spend time together!

Now you have an idea of where you want to take old time photos in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge! All you need now is a place to stay. Look through our available rooms and start planning your trip!