ole smoky candy kitchen in gatlinburg

6 Sweet Treats You Should Try at Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen

Are you craving something sweet while you’re exploring downtown Gatlinburg? Stop by Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen! There’s nothing quite like homemade, old fashioned candy that melts in your mouth. Here are 6 sweet treats you should try at Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen:

1. Taffy Logs

taffy machineOle Smoky Candy Kitchen is known for their taffy logs. You can walk past the shop and see candy makers in their uniforms feeding long logs of candy into machines that slice it into the traditional sticks. The taffy logs at Ole Smoky come in almost every flavor imaginable. Get something fruity like banana, wild cherry, or peach. Try a traditional candy flavor from blue raspberry or sour apple. They also have unique flavors such as rum and sassafras. Ole Smoky also has moonshine taffy, from apple pie to white lightnin’.

2. Fudge

There’s nothing like biting into fresh fudge from the candy store. You can’t go wrong with a classic like chocolate. Change it up by getting chocolate fudge with pecans swirled throughout. They also have chocolate peanut butter or plain peanut butter, which are both delicious. You’ll also find vanilla fudge and vanilla pecan. Can’t decide on just one flavor? Get an assortment box so you can try all of them!

3. Caramels

caramelYou can get all kinds of caramels at Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen. Get the little squares of just caramel that melt in your mouth. Try the caramels coated in chocolate for a more complex flavor. They have milk chocolates and dark chocolates with caramel centers. They also have caramels with pecans swirled in. No matter what kind of caramel you like best, Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen has them all! Get an assorted box so you can try all of them!

4. Chocolates

You can’t visit Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen without trying at least one of their chocolates! All of their chocolates are hand dipped. You can get milk, dark, or white chocolate. Try clusters, pretzels, creams, and truffles. Love treats dipped in chocolate? You’ll find raisins, malt balls, espresso beans, and almonds covered in chocolate. There are so many assortments of chocolates to choose from! Can’t decide which ones you want to try? Grab a whole box!

5. Brittles

peanut brittleIf you love crunchy candy, then you should try the brittles at Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen. You can get it with pecans for something traditional. Or for something new, try the cashew brittle!

6. Divinity

If you’ve never had divinity, then you have to go to Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen and try some! This confection has a nougat-like consistency that’s light and fluffy. The divinity at Ole Smoky has pecans mixed in for a unique treat!

Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen still serves candies the traditional one: one at a time or a whole box. You don’t want to miss any of these delicious home made treats. Since you know where you’re going to grab a snack for yourself for later, you’re ready to start planning your trip! Browse through our available rooms and book yours today!